I longed to return to the Garden where man walked with His Maker in the cool of day so he found his way. I longed to return to the Bosom of Abba Father cradled far away from the prey, no more to stray. He heard me and with His rod and staff led me into His Garden paths of righteousness.

So I returned from perilous places I tread, singing “Hallelujah, I am free from captors I dread!” My return is as sweet as “milk and honey” in a land of plenty.

In this place, the shelter of the Most High Yah, I dwell forever and gaze upon His beauty. I am protected and exalted above my enemies. I am blessed and highly favoured. “…I will offer in his tent sacrifices with shouts of joy; I will sing and make melody to the LORD”(1)

Copyright All Rights Reserved DENyamekye Scriptural inspiration: Genesis 1-2, Exodus 33:3, Psalms 23,27:4-6, 91. Quote 1: Psalm 27:6 ESV

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