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Deborah continues to teach from her book God’s Ways are Higher (Amazon books online). Still in Chapter 1 (God’s Ways, Thoughts & Our Obedience).

In Part 2 (see previous video for Part 1), 2 Kings 4:33-35 is discussed; the healing of the Shunammite woman’s son by Elisha. The method Elisha used to heal the boy is not what our natural minds will understand as a “normal” way of healing someone, but the boy resurrected from the dead. Can we predict how God will do something? As Deborah says “God is a master of circumstance and He can and does choose how he wants to do things.”

He can do things differently to arrive at the same glorious outcome. To affirm the above mentioned statement, Deborah discusses different healing methods in the Old and New Testament by various people that were unconventional, but resulted in healings.

Attitudes and their root causes which can prevent us from receiving what God has for us, because we are not used to the means through which they are presented to us, are also discussed. Please share how you are impacted by these teachings by commenting.

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Teaching Source: God’s Ways Are Higher by Deborah Esther Nyamekye, Amazon books online