The Holy Spirit is described as the River of God in Scripture (John 4:14) and there is the promise by God to us that He will extend peace to us like a river… (Isaiah 66:12), Yeshua (Jesus) is calling us who thirst (life can be dry…, unfulfilling…) and believe in him to draw close and receive the Holy Spirit, “out of our belly shall flow rivers of living waters” (John 7:37-38) ; We as born again believers have the Holy Spirit indwelling us and also the around us and that speaks of the presence of God! How blessed we are… Hope you are blessed and encouraged by this video.

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Blessings Deborah x

The River Flows…

There are is a river of cleansing flowing in the temple of Yahweh,

your innermost being, entering every chamber

it clears out the debris, disinfects and brings renewal.

The river flows in all the earth quenching men’s thirst for the truth.

Like eye salve it washes out deception that brings infection

so that men can see what is right from wrong

and choose the way to go upon reflection.

It is the River of life, draw near, plunge in and never fear.

It’s waters will heal and deliver you, giving you

peace in its abundant flow

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